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Laman Web Rasmi PERDA

Social Development


Creating and building a progressive society institutions and a dynamic focus on the development of mental, physical and spiritual in its efforts to prepare to respond to changes in society and the challenges of globalization.



  • To create a change in society through emphasis on increasing knowledge and changing mentality
  • To develop a more proactive attitude in community develop
  • To build strength in the institutional network of society through unity anf fraternity that exist



This program is targetting the youth, community leaders and institutions of all ages. The activities undertaken consisted of courses / workshops and has also performed in indoor and outdoor.



Mutiara PDCA




  • To reduce the number of pupils who fail the main subjects for UPSR, PMR and SPM.
  • To increase the percentage of ‘A’s in UPSR, PMR and SPM.
  • To improve the qualities and quantities at participating schools in UPSR, PMR and SPM.
  • To increase at least 3% achievement and basic ability among weak pupils in all the main subjects.


Target Group

Pupils chosen are under the PERDA school programme.


Some Activities under Mutiara Program Didik Cemerlang Akademik (PDCA)

1. Tuisyen Cemerlang UPSR – Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Inggeris, Sains dan Matematik
2. Tusiyen Cemerlang PMR & SPM – Bahasa Inggeris, Sains dan Matematik
3.  Program ZIPP “A” UPSR, PMR dan SPM
4.  Program Lonjakan Cemerlang Sains (PLCS) UPSR
5.  Program BISAL (BI Self Access Learning)
6.  Program MEEM (Mathematic Enrichment & Enhancement Module)
7.  Program Intensif Sasar Cemerlang PMR & SPM (Sains & Matematik)
8.  Jejak Menara Tingkatan 6 Atas
9.   Pecutan Akhir Bahasa Melayu & Sejarah
10. Program HARAPAN








Development programs that enhance education excellence for rural students through programs and activities that provide high added value in academic.



This programme is meant for rural pupils who will sit for their public examinations at the end of the year such as PMR, PMR and SPM.  There are 4 strategic agencies involved : PERDA, Penang State Education, Bahagian Penyelarasan Penyertaan Bumiputera Pulau Pinang (ICUJPM) and Pusat Uruz Zakat Pulau Pinang. 


The programme is called  Program Didik Cemerlang Akademik (PDCA) a nd has been rebranded in 29 January 2011 with the name Mutiara PDCA (Program Didik Cemerlang Akademik).


Through this programme, A Systematic and Comprehensive Learning Online Portal for Primary and Secondary  Level (Portal e-Didik PERDA) has been developed and can be accessed thorugh http://edidik.perda.gov.my. 


Vision, Mission and Objectives



  • To become the main Institute of Skilled Training for school leavers in the Northern Region, Malaysia.



  • To produce efficient skilled workers in the fields offered.



  • To train 1000 trainees between 2005-2010
  • To produce skilled trainees so as to fulfill the industrial needs
  • To provide holistic training to students
  • To reserve 5% quota for poor students







PERDA High Technology Institute (PERDA-TECH) or PERDA Advanced Technical Institute (PERDA-TECH) is an institution that offers a variety of skills training for postgraduate Certificate of Education Malaysia. PERDA-TECH is located in Bukit Panchor, Nibong Tebal, Seberang Perai Selatan, Pulau Pinang and has started its operation in 1989 known as the Training Centre PERDA (PLP).

On December 16, 2007, PERDA Training Centre was upgraded to PERDA High Technology Institute (PERDA-TECH) with the restructuring of courses and fields of study offered. As an education institution registered with the Ministry of Education Malaysia, PERDA-TECH has also been recognized as a Certified Center, Department of Skills Development Human Resource Development Ministry to produce the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM). In addition PERDA-TECH has also received recognition Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) in the field of study offered and the professional bodies such as CISCO, The Welding Institute (TWI) and the CIDB.
Apart from the courses at the certificate, PERDA-TECH offers Diploma courses Diploma in Welding Engineering.
PERDA-TECH has also established collaboration with Terengganu Advanced Technical University College (TATiUC), Polytechnic of Kota Bharu, Kelantan and Sabah Foundation College (KYS).
Recruitment of new students held in July every year. Duration is 21 months for the certificate. The students undergo industrial training for 3 months in industries related to their field of study.

The courses offered by PERDA-TECH are as follow:

• Sijil Teknologi Kimpalan
• Sijil Teknologi Automotif
• Sijil Teknologi Maklumat

• Sijil Senireka Fesyen
• Sijil Rekabentuk Multimedia
• Sijil Kejuruteraan Pertanian
• Sijil Kejuruteraan Elektrik
• Certificate in Manufacturing Engineering (Product Design)
• Certificate in Manufacturing & Engineering (Machining)
• Certificate in Manufacturing & Engineering (Tool & Die Design)
• Pendawaian Fasa Tunggal (PW2)
• Diploma Kejuruteraan Kimpalan (SKM)
• Diploma Kemahiran Tinggi


Students who graduated in PERDA-TECH have the opportunity to pursue higher in other institutions or directly involved in the industry as semi-skilled workers.


Please click http://www.perda-tech.edu.my/ to visit PERDA-TECH website.



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