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Laman Web Rasmi PERDA

Business Development


1.   One Stop Packaging Centre (OSPC)


Y.A.B.Prime Minister at the Penang Bumiputera Steering Committee Meeting on May 8, 2003 has requested that PERDA take the initiative to improve the agricultural processing industry in Penang.

Concept : -

  • Buying products from the agro-based entrepreneurs. The products will go through the process of grading, packaging, labeling and marketing under one brand.
  • Provide design services for packaging and labeling to the provision of packaging materials to operators and be marketed by their own.

Scope: -

  • Packaging centre for local SME products.
  • Developing Penang icon product
  • Expanding government support programs to  local entrepreneurs
    • Increase the perception and market acceptance of local SME products.
    • Support local SME to increase and penetrate domestic and international markets.
  • R & D centre for packaging development


2. Kepala Batas 'Midtown' Business Centre

The Kepala Batas 'Midtown' is a program designed for entrepreneurs / businesses in the Northern Territory to exhibit, promote and sell products and services respectively on a daily basis throughout the year.

This program is designed to take business concepts Danau Kota 'Uptown', Shah Alamn 'Uptown' and Cheras 'Downtown' that is very popular nowadays. Highlighted the concept of this program led to the organization of various programs in the form of the program includes exhibitions, sales promotion, education, exposure and creating opportunities for strategic networking among entrepreneurs / dealers, manufacturers, wholesalers, agencies / government departments and community users.

Implementation of this program focuses on the various clusters of economic activities like agriculture, animal husbandry, food / beverage, textile, information technology and others. Site hawkers and food stalls will also be provided as a convenience for entrepreneurs / traders and visitors to dine.

In addition,one site is proposed to be provided in the area of business activity weekly farmer's market to attract visitors to visit and bring alive the business activities in the program. Participation of entrepreneurs / traders in the program is open to all members of the entrepreneurs / traders of all races.


3.  Inkubator Development Project


Incubator Development Project was established with the ultimate goal to establish agro-based activities in an area that is equipped and comfortable and also provide the room for expansion.

The project was undertaken on land owned by PERDA, which is part of the Lot P.T. 711, Eng Hock Farm, District 2, Tasek Gelugor, North Seberang Perai. Overall size of the PERDA Food Park site is 150 acres.

IncubatorDevelopment Project is a construction and entrepreneur development programs in an integrated manner in all aspects of food processing in a period of time. This program provides human capital development, product development and promotion and marketing of products on a particular brand.

Entrepreneurs involvedwill be graduated according to the concept of 'exit policy'. When a sufficient period has been limited, entrepreneurs must be out independent mark in the provided PERDA Food Park Factory or in an area chosen by the entrepreneur.


Entrepreneur Incubator Development Project objectives are to :-

  • To provide technical training machine management / products processing technology.
  • To provide exposure, guidance and support (in the form of courses / training in theoretical and practical) on good manufacturing practices, labeling and packaging and product quality improvement.
  • To increase the value added of industrial and agricultural income in the upstream and downstream.
  • To establish agro-industrial activities in an area that is fully equipped and comfortable (environment).


The machines facilities provided are as follows : -

  • Cordials and juices (fruit and herbs)
  • Sauce
  • Frozen food (bread, parathas, arab bread, nuggets and tempura, curry puffs, samosa, dumplings and cucur badak)
  • Bakery and pastry (cookies and various)
  • Traditional cakes (muffins, dodol, halwa, wajik)
  • Snacks (fruit chips and vegetables)


4.  Stall Entrepreneur Development and PERDA Commercial Lot Tenant

  • Carry out regular monitoring and facilitates to the stall tenants, commercial lot tenants and PERDA SME.
  • Create a database that includes information on sales, support to 358 commercial lot tenants and PERDA SME.
  • Providing consultation andadvice to stall tenants and commercial lot tenants and PERDA SME.
  • Providing coursesand entrepreneurship training to stall tenants and commercial lot tenants and PERDA SME towards creating a high quality of PERDA entrepreneurs.



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